Course in Apache Ant

Course in Java application build using Apache Ant

This course is discarded

Ant was the first build tool for Java and is used to a large extent because it is simple to handle complex build situations. This course is addressed to you who shall or have just started in a Java project where you will use Ant as project build tool and quickly will get up to speed and be productive
This is what you will learn
  • Overview of Ant and other project build tool
  • Compiling and execution of Java programs
  • Packetizing of JAR, WAR and ZIP files
  • Generation of JavaDoc and other code-processor tools
  • Managing of third parts JAR files
  • Dependancy-management in Ant
  • The most commonly Ant tasks
Course Contents

Background and overview

    Installation of Ant

    • Configuration
    • The Ant XML structure
    • Tasks and properties

    The target application


      • Recommended project directory structure
      • Compilation of Java programs
      • File sets and globs
      • Creating JAR (Java ARchive) files
      • Executable JARs

      Handling archive files

      • Creating ZIP and TAR files
      • Unpacking JAR files
      • Creating WAR (Web ARchive) files

      File handling

      • Copy files
      • Renaming files
      • Delete files
      • Replace keywords in files
      • External properties

      Ant programming

      • Dependent tasks
      • Conditional tasks
      • Iterative tasks
      • Invoking tasks

      Handling 3:rd party JAR files

      • What is a 3:rd party JAR
      • Using Ivy for dependency loading
      • Typical configurations and usages
      NameApache Ant
      Duration1 Days
      AudienceJava programmers
      PrerequisitesFluent in Java programming
      • Java JDK, version 8+
      • Apache Ant
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