Courses in C Programming

Courses in C programming, POSIX Threads, Linux Systems Programming

Programming in C is a given choice when doing machine-level programming. Our courses in C programming teaches you Modern C, with a focus on productivity and robustness.
C Programming (4 Days)
Even though the language C was created in the beginning of the 70'th it still is the natural choice for machine-level programming. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started and be productive in C regardless if the target system is a Arduino, Raspberry PI or a usual PC.
Duration 4 Days
AudianceTechnical programmers
Pre-Requisitesfa asdf a sd
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Linux Systems Programming using C (3 Days)

How to create a process and fill it with new source code. Which different ways to communicate between different processes are there? How to fix a memory-mapped I/O?

These and many more question formulations we will address in this very appreciated course

Duration3 Days
Level Advanced
Audiance Technical C programmers
Pre-RequisitesPractical knowledge and experince of C programming
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POSIX Threads using C (2 Days)

Bugs in multi-threaded programs are often considered to be the most troublesome issus to get as a programmer. In fact the general rule is to not put them there from start.

If one think that this advise is unrealistic, then the next best advise is to code according to a well-proven set of idioms, which avoid the problems. In this course, we focuses on precisely that strategy.

Duration 2 Days
AudianceTechnical C programmers
Pre-Requisites Practical knowledge and experince of C programming
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