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Amazon AWS (2 Days)

It's no exaggeration to say that Amazon AWS completely has changed the landscapes for deployment of modern applications. By using virtual EC2 servers we now can deploy a whole application cluster in a couple of minutes. Something that with fysical servers took days.

In this fully packed course you will learn everything you need to know to get started to deploy your own web-applications in Amazon AWS

We have ourselves used AWS services since 2008, then at that time there was only the storage service S3 and the service for virtual servers was just then launched in a beta-version. This website ( is generated by a self developed GulpJS/NodeJS script and are syncronised with AWS S3 by the command-line client AWS-CLI. Every HTML page is cashed in AWS CloudFront, which is a content-delivery system and makes every page load in a flash. The website is reached by HTTPS, and that is fixed quick and easy and without extra cost by AWS Certificate Manager. Of cours we will show you the details how to do it.

Note, that you before the course or in conjunction with the start of the course are expected to sign up for an own AWS account (if you don't already have one), which requires that you can use your credit card. The cost for doing the exercises of the course is small, around a couple of dollars. Just remenber to stop ongoing services, like started EC2 servers.

Duration 2 Days
Audiance Softaware developers, IT personnel, technical managers, that would like to start using AWS services.
Pre-RequisitesExperience of working in a Linux environment.
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Google FireBase (3 Days)

When you first become acquainted with Firebasereal-time database, one think it is too good to be true.

If you have experience of building back-end systems where data in realtime should synchronized between many active users on different clients like modern webapp, mobile hybrid-app, Android/iPhone mobile-app, then you know how complicated that is and how much technical work is needed. Compare this with Firebase real-time DB, where you are under way and synchronizing clients after half a day.

This course focuses on how you quickly get started with understanding and building applications with synchronizing in realtime between several different clients.

For you to be able to do the practical exercises you need to sign-up for a Firebase account at Google and if necessary register a credit card for possible charges. Our ambition with all the exercises is to always stay below the utilization limit for cost debit and that it then not will cost you anything. But we have to make this reservation because Google may change their charging rules

Duration 3 Days
AudianceWeb apps developer
Pre-Requisites Experienced in JavaScript programming, plus knowledge in HTML/CSS.
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