Courses in Groovy, Grails, Spock

Courses about programming in Groovy, Grails, Spock and more

Groovy can be explained as "Java++", that means an extended and enhanced version of Java which decreases the source code size and increases the coding productivity.
Grails Web Apps (5 Days)

Time-to-market is an important factor when chosing the technology stack for developing web apps and other software systems. Using the Groovy framework Grails you can design web apps in record time. Do as many others (e.g. LinkedIn, Sky, Vodafone, Nokia and more) start develop web apps swimmingly easy.

Grails is efficient because it builds upon Spring Framework (Spring Boot), Hibernate for object-to-relational mapping and SiteMesh for overall layout management.

After a brief introduction of the Groovy language you will learn everything you need to know in order to get up to speed designing web apps in Groovy/Grails. We do recommend that you take the Groovy Basics course in addition to fully utilize this fascinating language.

Duration 5 Days
AudianceWeb app developers
Pre-Requisites Experience of web app development in Java
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Groovy (3 Days)
Groovy is a natural extension of Java. We insist refering to it as "Java ++". It is very easy to step-wise transform a Java program into Groovy. The interesting take-away from such an exercise is to reveal how much boiler plate code there is within a Java program. It is also easy to embed Groovy functionality within a Java application.
Duration 3 Days
AudianceJava programmers
Pre-RequisitesPractical knowledge in Javav programming
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Spock Testing (1 Days)
Spock is a framework for writing tests targeting both Java and Groovy applications (i.e. JVM languages). It is designed to provide a dedicated DSL (Domain Specific Language) for writing test based on the given/when/then idiom, data tables tests and easy mock object usage.
Duration 1 Days
AudianceJava programmers
Pre-Requisites Practical knowledge in Javav programming
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