Courses in Android, Ionic

Courses about App Development for Smart-Phones

Nowadays the choice is hard between developing for one mobile platform at a time or all at once using hybrid apps. We give you alternatives to choose from by providing courses in both Android app development and Cordova/Ionic/Angular hybrid app programming.
Android Mobile Apps Devevelopment (4 Days)

Android is the fastes growing mobile native platform. There are many reasons. Partly, because it is a fun and productive platform, but also because it is easy to develop organizational in-house apps. That is one reason why Android is ranked as the next large software consultancy business area.

This course provides you with a broad overview and all knowledge you need to have to become productive within an Android project direct after the course. We achieve this by basing the course around a large set of complete apps. Every app demostrates a specific topic, but also contains several supplementary properties to make the app fully functioning.

We start each chapter by presenting the theory, what you need to know and how acquire more information. Then do we a walk-through of the app's source code that illustrates the theory. Finally, you get the source code yourself, but in pieces which you have to assemble together. In most cases you also supposed to add some additional feature. With this course setup we can cover a much broader set of topics compared with other Android courses.

Duration 4 Days
AudianceJava programmers
Pre-Requisites Experienced in Java programming
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Ionic Hybrid Mobile Apps (3 Days)

There are many advantages of implementing a hybrid-mobile app, where timne-to-market is one of the biggest. By program in TypeScript/SCSS/HTML, using platform plugins and save user data in the cloud, as well as generating native apps for Android and iPhone you can quickly get the app out of the door and establish a presence of the market.

This course focuses on that you quickly can get up to speed developing hybrid-mobile apps using the Ionic framework.

Duration 3 Days
AudianceApp developers
Pre-Requisites Working knowledge in JavaScript/CSS/HTML
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