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SPA (Single-Page Application) web applications är the standard nowadays and Angular is the standard framework for development of SPA.
Angular Web App Development

Angular has in relatively short time become the defacto industrial standard for designing modern Single-Page web Applications (SPA). SPA means the browser loads just one HTML file (/index.html), which in turn slurps HTML snippets, JS and CSS files. All logical web pages are rendered by JS functions, snippets and styles.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to quickly get going by designing modern web apps using Angular.

This course covers Angular version 6, which is the modern version of Angular based on TypeScript.

Duration3 Days
AudianceWeb apps developers
Pre-Requisites Working knowledge of programming in JavaScript and HTML/CSS
Price19 000 kr + moms
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Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap has reformed web UI design from the ground up. From having been an art form granted to the few, web UI design have now become a walk in the park and it is easy to created complex layouts with nested columns, panels/cards, accordions, sliding images and more.

This practically oriented course concerns web app developers that quickly need to be productive in using Bootstrap.

Duration 1 Days
AudianceWeb app developers
Pre-Requisites Working knowledge of programming in HTML/CSS
Price11 000 kr + moms
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