Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions with our answers

Where is your class-room location?

Our courses are held on your premises, either they are located in Sweden or anywhere else. In Sweden we also have class-room courses in central Stockholm (Stureplan 4C).

How many participants is the minimum?

We don't have any restrictions regarding the number of participants.

Do you provide courses in English?

Yes. Our self-developed course material are always authored in English. However, the oral presentation on an on-site course might be in English or Swedish depending on the participants desires. For class-room courses on our premises the default language is Swedish.

Is it possible to combine courses?

Yes. Ask and present your requirements and we will put together a suggestion and a tender.

Do you charge for travel time, regarding on-site courses?

No. We do charge a standard amount based on travel and lodging cost, but not for the travel time.

Why do you mix Swedish and English in the course descriptions?

Our course material is always in English, which is why the course contents are listed in English. Remaining text is mostly in Swedish or English dependent on if you read it at or